E4 Adverts

I recently got the opportunity to work on an exciting series of adverts for broadcast on E4. The unique interactive TV campaign, which was a collaboration between Channel 4 and Visit Scotland,   featured a cast of 6 young travellers making there way around Scotland in an old VW camper. Each day viewers were invited to vote on which activities they would like to see the group take part in the following day by using the hashtag #ScotE4

Part of this was to create the graphic identity for the adverts. Here is one of my original mockups for the graphics:

And here is one of the final episodes that were broadcast daily on E4. You can find the rest on Visit Scotland's YouTube channel

I really enjoyed working on this project, and it was all made possible thanks to a great team of people. Special shout outs to Andy Maas, Erika Iesse, Lewis Gourley, Gav White and Callum Rankine.