Bloc Collective


There's been lots going behind the scenes since my last update, one of the main things has been setting up Bloc Collective, a co-working studio and filmmakers collective set within a converted factory in Leith.

Having worked in various different workplaces as a staff member and freelancer, I could see that there was a lot of potential for a better working environment. There’s also a great community of freelancers in the industry, who are very much open to collaboration, sharing work and supporting each other; so making it easier for people to work together under one roof seemed like a good idea.

There are some other great co-working spaces in Edinburgh, but most aren’t industry specific so are limited from a collaboration perspective. Having people from the same industry provides numerous benefits, not only for ourselves, but also to the clients and agencies we work with. For example, if we don’t have capacity to take work on personally there’s likely several other people in the studio we can put them in touch with. We can also team up as and when required. We have a huge amount experience between us, and probably an unrivalled amount of kit, as well as an extended network of other freelancers and small businesses who we can recommend - so it’s a great hub for people to be able to connect with. We very much want to support others in the industry, building bridges rather than walls.

I was also really excited to get an opportunity to redesign the space. The challenge was to transform it from a very generic, cluttered corporate office, to a stylish, functional space that didn’t feel too much like work - and on a very small budget. So after a few months of elbow grease, designing, reflooring, and a big team effort to help make furniture and redecorate , we were ready to move in.


We’ve now been in our new home since January and I couldn’t be happier.  We all get along great, the environment is super chilled, and there are already multiple personal projects and collaborations on the go. As well as the logistical advantages for working together, there’s also a fairly unique environment where people have the freedom to offer their time to support and share knowledge with each other.  It’s also a place where we can bring in other collaborators, colleagues and clients; creating opportunities to connect with even more people and build working relationships. For me it feels like we’ve got a perfect creative space to focus, collaborate and socialise. It’s only the beginning for now, but definitely very excited for the future.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with feel free to get in touch. Currently we have a variety of different skillsets including drone operators, directors, DOPs, cinematographers, colourists, motion designers and editors. `We have both hotdesking and permanent desk spaces as well as edit suite and meeting areas. Website and interior photography are coming soon.